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The society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments on Vøienvolden farm in Oslo, Noway, was originally used both for food production and as a pleasant and rural retreat for its city dwelling bourgeois owner. In front of a potato storage cellar converted to a small conference center, a brick layered square is established. The original plan was to illuminate this area with illuminated poles standing on each corner, but as this did not fit in with the original ancient time, another solution was suggested; fully flush directional LED lights.

ATG Airports

Anker Solutions is the ATG agent for Scandinavia. The sign product range Safeway was chosen by Copenhagen Airports after careful quality inspection of their products that had carried out a life in harsh environment during a decade, and where the interior still appeared as new.

Amerace Transformers

As an agent for Amerace, Anker Solution supplies the world recognized isolating transformers, connector kits and cable assemblies throughout the Nordic region. Please ask us for competitive pricing..

Welcome to Anker Solutions ANS

Anker Solutions ANS is a Norwegian company with the purpose of serving domestic and international clients within a wider area of products and services. The variety will span from airfield lighitng products to dynamic road leading systems and consultancy services within defencive driving.

Do you need a product or service and don't know where to go?
We have an excellent network

within the different business areas of airfield lighting manufacturers, road control system providers as well as experience from installations, we are able to come up with suggestions and solutions for eventual problems you might have..


Herman Anker
is the owner and CEO of Anker Solutions. He has a background as a driving instructor before taking a bachelor of business administration in 1986. After establishing a joint venture with a successful driving school with high profile education centre and vehicles, he started a career in ABB Signal & Traffic, Peek Traffic, Smith Airfield Equipment, and finally Advanced Light AS. Operating as marketing director and board member in Arctic Life as a parallell business has opened knowledge and access to the Chinese food ingredients market..




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